Book Report – Respect



The book, RESPECT! is about an orphan who was named Tully Pullman who grew up to be one of the bravest men in England. His mum died when he was four and his dad died when he was six. He grew up in a foster home with his little brother after his dad passed away. He fought his way through all the pain and misery. He was a fantastic footballer and everytime he got down, he simply got back up with a game of football!

Tully and his brother found it very hard when they were growing up as children because they were the only black kids in the foster home. He started to play for a famous England football team named Tottenham Hotspur when he was 19. He won lots of trophies and gained RESPECT from the club. He played with 3 different teams after Spurs. They were Bristol City, Blackburn Rovers and Sheffield Utd. He retired from football with Sheffield Utd.

During World War I he was called up to join the British Army. He fought in the Somme in 1918. He fought in many battles and gained RESPECT from his mates and they stood by him all the way to the end. Football was now behind him and every time he thought about his childhood he broke down in tears.

His brother, Eddie, was working in the post office back in Britain. One day he received a letter with Tully’s name on it. When he opened it, he was shocked, his stomach cringed and started to breath heavily. It was a letter from the British Army. Tully was shot in the chest and died instantly during the war.

His brother went to London for Tully’s funeral. Many people shed tears and had broken hearts as they lowered the coffin. It was a grey rainy day, but at the same time there was a peaceful atmosphere because they knew wherever Tully was it was a safe, secure place.

This is a fascinating story  of a lonely child looking after his sibling during a dark and horrible childhood to one of Britain’s most heroic brothers and brave soldiers.

Tully Pullman, not many people talk about him, not many realises how heroic he was for his country, but he earns my full


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