National Flag being delivered to St. Joseph’s on Friday the 23rd Oct


We have the pleasure of having the National Flag being delivered on Friday the 23rd of October. Lieutenant Sheehan from the Defence Forces will be delivering the flag to the school. All the boys will be required to be in their uniform.

The format for the visit  will be as follows:

  1. Arrival of the Defence Forces team at the school: welcome and introductory remarks.
  2. The 1916 Proclamation in context.
  3. Reading of the Proclamation, with a nominated pupil (or pupils) reading a pre-selected extract.
  4. The National Flag – Q&A for the students on our Flag.
  5. Flag Protocols how we should care for our National Flag
  6. Presentation of the Flag to an appointed person

Read more by clicking Flag Presentation.

Learn more on the 1916 Rising by clicking on the picture below.


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Principal Teacher of Togher BNS.
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