The hike to Lough Curra, in the Galty Mountains, was a huge success, starting at 8:00 a.m and finishing at 1:30 pm. A total of nine people attended the walk with Mr Clarke and Mr ‘O’Donovan supervising. It was mainly uphill and the weather was fine except for some slight fog. Their destination was a lake roughly 600 metres above sea level; where they had lunch, complete with stunning views and a cool breeze. All of the students enjoyed the walk and said they would do something like it again and many parents agreed. It was a fairly manageable hike and lasted about two hours not including the short bus trip. The downward hike went much the same way and the children also enjoyed it. There was a huge amount of wildlife on the mountain, including birds, rabbits and fish, which the children enjoyed viewing. Pictures were taken of both the stunning views and the attendees of the hike making their way down and up the mountain. So, in short the children really enjoyed the walk and so did the teachers.

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