Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral – Fourth Class visit

Fourth class had the pleasure of visiting Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral today with Ms. Kelleher and Mr. Kelly. Robert was the name of their guide and he amazed them with facts about the cathedral. He told us all about William Burgess, the architect of the building, and the

William Burges was appointed architect for a new cathedral in 1862, after a competition for which there were 63 entries. Among the requirements of the competition was that the cost of the building should not exceed £15,000 and Burges was criticised by other architects because the cost of the towers, spires and carving was not included in his estimate. In the end some £100,000 was spent on the building.
(St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral Website)

After walking the grounds with Robert, we then headed in inside and learned all about the stain class windows from Ruth. She then gave us out some print outs of the exact stained glassed windows that William Burgess designed. We are going to return the finished art work to Ruth and she said that they will be part of an art display in August 2016 in the cathedral.

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