Third class pupils meet Michael Morpurgo

CityLibraryLast Tuesday four third class boys had the pleasure of meeting Michael Morpurgo at the City Hall. All of the boys are huge fans of Michael and have all written book reports for his novel This morning I met a Whale.



Michael Morpurgo read some of his books to the boys while they were at the City Hall. What a fantastic treat that was for the boys.They also had their picture in the Evening Echo.


Here is the first book report that one of the boys wrote. The others will be posted next week.

ImetawhaleThis Morning I Met A Whale

This morning I met a whale is a very sad story, because at the start of the story the whale tells us stories about stranded narwhales screaming baby orang-utan’s being poached just for fun! Worst of all polluted seas. Plus fishermen hooking whales and other sea mammals in the chest without knowing it. Everything is falling out of place in the world. I myself do love this story and most of the others for the passion and the detail.

I love all of Michael Morpurgo’s books.
At the age of 72 he has at least 170 books and I love all of them. Some of my favourites are: Snow Tales, Listen to the Moon, Eagle in the Snow and Why the Whales Came.


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