Visit of Dr. Catherine Buckley to 6th class

Dr. Catherine Buckley visited us today from U.C.C. as part of Science Week. She taught us about George Boole and his contribution to the development of computers and technology that we use today. We also learned about binary code and used a website to translate words into code. We estimated the time it would take a person to count to a billion (it would actually take over 31 years!) and then compared that to the speed of an app on Dr. Buckley’s phone (about 51 seconds!) We then moved on to topics including genetics, DNA, microbiology and healthy living. We finished with a quiz which we passed with flying colours!

Dr. Buckley shared a link with us to the UCC microbe page. It’s well worth a look!

We really enjoyed our lesson today.IMG_3784 IMG_3786 IMG_3788

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