This Morning I met a Whale – Michael Morpurgo


Here are some book reports by third class.

This Morning I Met a Whale

I like this story because: It is very emotional and exciting. I like the way the author came up with way the whale can talk. Also I like it because it has a moral behind it. And I like the way the setting is in London by Battersea Bridge. I like that all the citizens of the city put in an effort to save the whale. Also, I like the way the grandfather whale was an adventurer. And I like the way Michael got up every morning at first light to go bird-watching. And I like the way that Michael wrote a story in class all about the whale giving the message and talking to him.


This Morning I Met a Whale

This morning I met a whale it’s about a boy named Michael and -tells a story about a whale how gets beached. I like the story because …. At the start of the book it just sound like a normal story but then it get more interesting as you go along .

My favourite parts were when Michael swam with a bottle nose whale 1) When he wrote the story about the whale (2) When he stayed by the river all night long (3) When he found out the whale could talk (4) When he first met the whale. The saddest part of the story was when the whale got beached and tried to get back into the water by shacking his tail. On one of the last pages Michael told us that he based the story on a whale who got beached in the River Thames.


This morning I met a whale

This morning I met a whale is a very sad story, because at the start of the story the whale tells us stories about stranded whales screaming and baby orangutans being poached just for fun! Worst of all polluted seas. Plus fishermen hooking whales and other sea mammals in the chest without knowing it. Everything is falling out of place in the world. I myself do love this story and most of the others for the passion and the detail. I love all of Michael Morpurgo’s books. At the age of 72 he still has at least 170 books and I love all of them for example snow tales, listen to the moon, eagle in the snow and why the wales came. The end.


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