Science Week in Fourth Class

Fourth Class were extremely busy for science week. Here is a summary of some of the activities they were involved in.
(i) Boys with their “Boole2School” certificates.  On the 2nd November, UCC organised a national day of logic, encouraging all school levels to register and study the life of George Boole and some (basic) facts of Boolean logic.
(ii) Some 4th class boys demonstrated Science experiments to 2nd class on Magnetism, Acids and Bases, and Finger-printing.(During Science Week)
(iii) Winners of the Lifetime Lab’s: “4th Class Primary School Science Quiz”. This took place in UCC on Tuesday 10th November.
(iv) 4th Class attending “Dr. Death and his Medieval Science Show”  in UCC- detailing the History of famous scientists. (For Science Week)

About Togher BNS

Principal Teacher of Togher BNS.
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1 Response to Science Week in Fourth Class

  1. Suzanne says:

    Well done boys – and well done Ms Kelleher 😉 You did so much science with them in the weeks leading up to science week that the boys were only 7 points off the overall winning 6th class team in the lifetime lab quiz! In a competition covering 4th/5th&6th class science curriculum and involving over 60 schools that’s some achievement for you and them!


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