A missing chapter from Goodnight Mr. Tom

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Boys from 6th class were challenged to write a missing chapter from the novel we have been studying, Goodnight Mr. Tom by Michelle Magorian.

We voted the following effort joint best. We hope you enjoy reading it. Keep an eye out for more samples of our hard work!              

                       24 Hours In Little Weirwold

8pm Christmas Eve.

Willie was feeling really nervous. He had never had to speak in front of an audience before in his life except for when he was reading a poem to his class one time but before he knew, he was on the stage – right there in the spotlight, staring at almost everybody in Little Weirwold.  Out of the corner of his eye he could see Tom, giving Willie the thumbs up sign while almost fluently playing the organ, and Mrs Hartridge, smiling.  It was going so well until Willie forgot his lines. He could hear prompters whispering at him left and right but to him it was just muffles.  His heart was beating so loudly that he could hardly hear himself think. A bead of sweat was running down his neck followed by many more.  He exhaled, “baah, humbug!” he said with a sigh of relief.  At the end they all got a standing ovation which was one of the proudest moments of their lives and suddenly, Willie started crying.  He wasn’t even too sure himself as to why he was crying but the moment he came off that stage he ran straight over to Tom to hug him and whispered into his ear “thank you!”.

8am Christmas Day

Willie opened his eyes, it was Christmas!  He wasn’t normally too excited about this particular time of year but he knew this would be the best one yet.  He suddenly has a flashback to his first birthday in Little Weirwold. That was one of the greatest days of his life, but today, he thought, will be even better.  He could only imagine what would happen in the future. “Mornin’” said Tom, who was holding two plates filled with rashers, sausages, pudding and toast. “Is that for me?” asked Willie excitedly. “Nah, one’s fer Sammy and one’s fer me!” chuckled Tom as he handed Willie one of the plates. “Merry Christmas!”

After the feast, Zach and the others called over with their families. Everyone was holding at least one gift and the strongest in each family held a sack bursting with various toys, books, clothes and much more.  Tom and Willie picked up the presents that they would give and followed the mob with glee.  There were all so excited.  They soon arrived at the Carol service which was excellent.  Afterwards they went to Zach’s house for a festive dinner.  They said grace and dug in hungrily.  Later they exchanged their presents and Willie was delighted with what he got:  a bag of sweets, clothes, three novels and a reference book for art. Tom got clothes, a piano music sheet booklet and a new lead for Sammy.  Afterwards the five of them had a sleepover at Zack’s house where they played cards and told stories.  That was a day that they will remember and tell their children about especially Willie, one of the greatest days of his life.


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