Book Review – Respect

My report is on a book called Respect by Michaela Morgan. It is based on a true story about a boy named Walter Tull (also known as Tully).

When Tully was 9 his mom and dad died so he and his brother Eddie were sent to an orphanage. In the orphanage they were both bullied by a boy named Harry because they were the new kids. Harry stopped bullying them when everyone else started liking them.

Tully was a great football player. He was scouted for an amateur team and they won the amateur FA cup. He also was the first black man to play outfield in football. Tully went on to play for Spurs and other big clubs but one day when Spurs were playing Bristol city the other fans got so jealous they started calling him a monkey and making monkey noises whenever he got the ball. Tully’s brother had been fostered by a family in Scotland and later on that year Tully got a transfer offer from a team called Glasgow Rangers. Tully was really glad to get that chance so he accepted it because he would then be right around the corner from Eddie.

Soon after Tully transferred he was called up to serve in World War 1. Tully was a great soldier but it wasn’t long before he got injured and was rushed to the hospital. When Tully returned to the battlefield he wasn’t only known as an ordinary soldier – he was known as an officer. In fact he was the first black man to be an officer.

The reason I chose this book was because a colleague of mine recommended it. On reading his review, I bought the book myself.

I would say it is suitable for 5th class pupils and older.


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