Fourth Class present their science work

Fourth class presented some of their science investigations during Science Week to parent during the OPEN NIGHT for the prospective parents. They also visited second and third classes during school time. Well done boys ye were superb!

  1. All About Magnetism -comments from Jack on his presentation.
    “I explained to the class that every magnet has two poles: A North Pole and a South Pole. I then showed them that “opposite poles attract each other” and “like poles repel each other“. I also explained that some rocks contain magnetic metals.

2. Acids & Bases: Comments from Alex on his presentation.
I demonstrated the reaction that occurs between an acid and a base. I showed that when they react Carbon Dioxide CO2 is created. I demonstrated this by making a volcano. I used vinegar (acid) and bread soda (base) to create the eruption! To maker the eruption more realistic I used red food colouring to make it look like lava.

3. Finger Print Demonstration – comments by Charlie
“I had an ink pad next to me and I told the second class pupils to put either their thumb, or their index finger into it. After they had dipped their finger into the ink pad I told them to press their finger firmly onto the page and not to move it. Once they removed their finger I used a magnifying glass to identify which type of finger print they had. The most common types are: The Arch, The Tentarch, The Loop and The Whorl.”

4. Cells: Comments by Kian.
I showed the classes a fly’s wing under a microscope. It has hundreds of cells. Every cell has a control tower called the Nucleus. Every cell also has a jelly like substance called cytoplasm. Everybody has billions and billions of cells.

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