6th class: How fast does water travel up a celery stick?


In December the 6th class boys did an experiment to see how water would travel up a celery stem.

We needed:

a celery stick

a glass


blue food colouring



We poured water into a glass, added the colouring and celery stick. We made predictions about what would happen. Most people thought we would notice a big change in 24 hours.


However, the next day we were surprised to observe very little obvious change to the celery stick. The water level appeared to be the same – we expected it to drop due to evaporation. However, on closer inspection, we realised that the leaves at the top of the stem were tinged with a blue hue.



We decided to extend the length of the experiment to see if more changes would occur. Many boys thought the water level would drop noticeably this time and that the leaves and stem would turn blue. However, the extra time didn’t make much of a difference.

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