Water gauges 3rd class

In third class we started to build up our own weather station. The first thing that we did was create our own rain gauges. Watch the video below to see hoe you can make your own.

On Monday the 1st of February we started our investigation.  We recorded the weather for five consecutive days. Below are our results. We used the thermometer on Mr. Clarke’s phone to record the temperature.

We the analysed our results and concluded the following:

  • Rain Fall:
    • Heaviest Day for Rainfall was Monday 5mm
    • Wednesday & Thursday had the least amount of rainfall with Omm recorded.
    • The average rainfall over the week was 2mm per day.


  • Temperature
    • Highest recorded temperature was 11 degrees on Thursday
    • Lowest recorded temperature was 3 degrees on Monday.
    • The average temperature over the week was 7 degrees.


  • The wind came from the North West on two days and from the South West on two days.

About Togher BNS

Principal Teacher of Togher BNS.
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