Internet safety Day 9th February


Technology has never been as advanced or commonly used as it is today. We have been learning about different ways to stay safe online. This year fifth and sixth classes both learned about Internet Safety and participated with Safer Internet Day 2016 on the 9th February 2016. The following webpages were created and put on our school website to help parents/guardians and pupils to learn about using the internet more safely.

Sixth class completed the Webwise lessons. We also filled out a basic survey outlining things like our favourite sites, how long we spend online and what we know about privacy settings.

We were visited by 2 boys from Transition Year in PBC – one of whom is a past pupil. They gave a wonderful presentation on the topic of internet safety and taught us lots of things we didn’t know. Privacy was discussed at length – we were encouraged to change our passwords regularly, using upper and lower case letter as well as numbers and symbols. We were warned about the dangers of accepting friend requests from people we don’t know. The boys also chatted to us about how quickly pictures can be shared and subsequently go viral.

The school organised a talk for parents to help them to be aware of and understand the possible dangers their children could face online.

We put posters up around the school, warning people about sharing pictures. We are working through the lessons on They deal with topics such as cyber bullying, staying safe online and sharing information and pictures carefully. CLICK on the image to get the poster.


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