6th class Proclamation for 2016


In advance of Proclamation Day last month, the boys from 6th class wrote their own proclamation for 2016. It was read out to the rest of the school community on March 15th. The boys brainstormed all the issues they feel strongly about and then worked together to devise the text. They did a superb job – have a look for yourself!

We, the 6th class pupils, remember the lengths that our forefathers went to in order to secure a better future for us.

100 years on, we proclaim that our country is still in need of improvement and it is our job to ensure we reach our potential.

We want to reduce the amount of people on the streets who are begging for money to stay alive. We can do this by providing more employment opportunities and a good standard of education for all. Fix up old warehouses to provide a basic standard of living.

We believe that primary schools should be better resourced. There should be more schools for children with special needs so that they can reach their full potential. More frequent inspections would ensure standards are acceptable and met. Class sizes are too big – more schools must be built. We believe no child should go to school hungry. Cafeterias and breakfast clubs would help.

There should be more amenities to facilitate newcomers to our country. They should be accepted into Irish life without prejudice and enjoy the same opportunities as we ourselves experience.

As a society, we should have zero tolerance towards discrimination at all times. People should be able to live the life they want as long as it is within the law.

Gardaí should have appropriate non-lethal resources to tackle crime. Lethal force should only be used in extraordinary circumstances. Garda numbers must be increased in all areas, especially the rural parts of our country where people are living in fear.

Privacy and location settings must be upgraded – people are still being hacked. Social media users need to take more caution when sharing personal information with others. Parents, like children, must be educated about the dangers of online interaction. A sense of personal responsibility and caution should be maintained at all times.

We strongly feel that the hunting of animals, for sport, is wrong and should be banned immediately. Anyone found mistreating, abusing or abandoning animals should be subject to the full rigours of the law. If more facilities for example sanctuaries are needed, then they should be funded without delay.

We acknowledge the incredible role the older members of our society have played in the evolution of the Ireland we know today. Their dignity should not be forgotten in their later years. We should be ashamed that some are left on trolleys, in hospital beds or abandoned in their homes.

More funding needs to be allocated to hospitals to improve conditions and increase the number of doctors and nurses who take care of us and our loved ones when we are ill. It is clear that more rooms, wards, departments and hospitals are needed to cater for our growing population.

We would like to finish by saying that Ireland is like a tiny letter on a page – but that does not mean that we are insignificant. We have such a huge impact on the world and we should never forget that.



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