Senior infants art, history and geography

Today senior infants engaged in a mock Archaeoligy lesson where they got a chance to work like real historians and excavate to find old “dinosaur” bones and clues about each dinosaur, which as you can see, fascinated them.
Here are some senior infants discovering their first “dinosaur” bones


St. Joseph’s very own archaeologists

Brothers in bones

Dinasour dynasty

Bad bones bad bones what you going to do when seniors come for you

senior infants painted shirts!


jungle rumble !!!

 A crab castaway

 Something smells fishy

Senior infants went on a few trips – They went under the sea and made their own fish and jellyfish!             They went to the zoo and wrote about the escaped animals, then tracked them to the jungle to find them making a big rumble!

About Togher BNS

Principal Teacher of Togher BNS.
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