A Suitably Happy Ending by 4th class

The play is called ‘A Suitably Happy Ending’. It’s about somebody who left the top off the toothpaste and  a fight breaks out between the goblins and the witches. Meanwhile Jack comes home with his SATS (exams) and does so bad his family casts him out into ‘The Large and Spooky Forest’.  Meanwhile the Queen of Jack’s village is having her usual problems at the palace: Who will read me a story? Who will cook y dinner?

The Goblins, the witches, Jack and the Queen all end up in the forest during the finale of the play. This was a highly entertaining and humourous play which will last with us forever!

This play was performed  by the boys of 4th class, after weeks of preparation. The performed it in front of their parents in the Mardyke House. We would like to say a huge thank you to Ms. O’ Mahony our Drama Teacher! We would also like to thank Margaret Murphy for her incredibly artistic backdrop for our play. And of course Ms. Kelleher who was ever present in helping us prepare and practise for the big performance.



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