School Sports Day: Thurs 16/6/2016

Thursday,   16/June/2016

All pupils are welcome to attend school in fancy dress.

 Limited  parking will be available in the school  yard.  Access  via  gate between St. Joseph’s and Pres.  This gate will be open at 10:55  and closed at 11:15   or when the car park is full.  Parking on the school grounds is entirely at  owner’s risk.  

Children  may  go home with their parents after  the event.

 11:15 Children gather in the field.
11:20 Competition for the best fancy dress.  (All classes.)
11:40 Novelty races begin. Two races per class.

Trophies will be awarded after each race.

Running Order 5th, 6th,

Junior Infants,  Senior Infants,

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th.

12:50 Parents’  races.
1:00 Tidy up


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