Our World’s Oceans.

On Wednesday 26th of October, Mr.Griffin of the Lifetime Lab in UCC visited 5th class. We did a small quiz at the start and then we went through his PowerPoint. He gave us facts like over 50% of the oxygen we breathe comes from Phytoplankton, 76% of U.S. trade involves the ocean. There are three layers in the ocean, the Photic Zone, the Aphotic and the Abyssal Zone. The moon is 100% mapped, Mars is also 100% mapped but Earth’s ocean is only 5% mapped. In Ireland 86% of the people live within 50km of the coast. The ocean gives us more than just seafood. We enjoyed his visit and we look forward to his next visit. 


About Togher BNS

Principal Teacher of Togher BNS.
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