Student Council Update

As elected members of the Student Council we spend a lot of our time fundraising and last year we organised a sports blitz with the Junior and Senior Infants.  IT WAS A GREAT SUCCESS AND WE BOUGHT SOME REALLY COOL GARDEN GAMES WITH IT.  We wanted to make the yard fun for everyone so we supervise garden games in the bench area on a rota system.

At the moment we are very busy decorating shoe boxes, FOR SUGGESTION BOXES to put into each classroom after Christmas.

It’s not all about fundraising and mentoring in the Student Council.  This year was a first for the Student Council as we spoke at the Open Evening for the Junior Infants.  It was a great night and we were thrilled to be involved.  We do a lot of work discussing leadership skills, how we can be good role models and how we can promote a caring atmosphere in the school.

Written by all members of the Student Council.

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