We hope to be Famous!

St. Joseph’s NS will feature in the Kidz Zone section of the Echo.  This is a special  8-page section in the Evening Echo that is dedicated to Cork school kids.  It is a great opportunity for the boys to share their experiences of St. Joseph’s NS with other children.  In preparation for the piece, the boys have been writing about themselves and the array of school activities they engage in.  A photographer visited the school yesterday and took loads of photos of the boys.  The boys really did the school proud throughout the visit, even the photographer complimented the boys on their energy, patience and good manners while waiting their turn to be photographed.

It is expected that the school will feature in the Echo on the 18th of January.

Below are some photos that were taken yesterday of the Green Schools Committee and our young scientists in 1st class.  Larry, the photographer explained to Henry in Senior Infants how to take a photo and gave him a chance to try it out.

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