Vex Robotics in CIT

Ms. Moakley and her team of engineers left the school early on Wednesday morning and went to CIT for the VEX Robotics Competition Ireland National Championships.  St. Joe’s was one of 22 teams who competed.  Boys from 4th and 5th class have spent the last 12 weeks building a robot and programming it to do specific activities.  The project has required imagination, mathematical and literacy skills.  The boys have also developed team skills since the start of the project.

They presented their completed robot for inspection yesterday and entered it in a number of task oriented games.  The boys also made a power point presentation in front of judges and answered questions about the project.  The boys did the school proud as they fulfilled any task required of them in a conscientious and mannerly fashion.  They also offered each other great support.  One student won a prize for giving a correct answer in a quiz.

The scores of each team from each event throughout the date were calculated and St. Joseph’s is one of 8 schools through to the next round.  All the hard work paid off as we will be back in CIT on the 1st of March.


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