Senior Infants or Estate Agents? Aistear fun!

This month Senior Infants were very excited to be starting Aistear. Our theme for the month is Home Sweet Home. The boys have been working super hard at learning new words about different houses and the different rooms. In Aistear, we have different stations where everyone works as a group – Estate Agents Role play, Play Dough, Construction – building a house and Small World – designing the inside of a house with different pieces of furniture. This helped us learn, use and listen to our new words about houses and homes. Also, we learned about electricity and objects inside the home long ago and how we use them today. We had some amazing Agents who sold a range of houses and some very clever builders designed an apartment block. Need advice on building, designing or selling a house?! Give St Josephs’ Senior Infants a call.

Also this week, the boys have been using magnetic letters and whiteboards to create words with the /ee/, /or/ sound and -all and -et rhyming words. We had very clever words such as sheep, flee and waterfall! One clever boy also spotted the /or/ sound in Cork. We cannot wait to try it out again next week with a new sound.


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