John Dunleavy Visits St. Joe’s

It was a beautiful day in the Mardyke today as the sun was shining down on the students and teachers who waited in anticipation for John Dunleavy and two FAI representatives to visit.  They arrived laden down with the cups that Cork City won during the 2017 football season – the League cup and the FAI cup.

Seán, Dennis, Ricky and Brian, four 5th class boys, welcomed them to the school.  Brian introduced them to all the pupils and staff.  Seán informed them about all the sports that are played in St. Joe’s.  He also mentioned a few of the well known past pupils who have made their mark on the sporting world.  Ricky then praised John Dunleavy and Cork City football for their achievements during the 2017 season.  He told them that they were inspiring.  Dennis then took over and asked John to speak to the attentive students and teachers.

He told us all about how he got into football and that he first played for Donegal and Wolves before moving to Cork where he has played for Cork City for the last 7 years.  Unfortunately he has incurred a number of injuries and is out injured at the moment.

He answered a number of questions before signing autographs and posing for photos with the classes.  He was an inspiration to the students and we wish him a speedy recovery.

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