Catch up with Senior Infants.

Over the past number of weeks Senior Infants have been super busy in school. In February we learned all about the farm and in March we learned about recycling. In Aistear, we acted out the Farmers shop and Recycling Centre, made buildings/pictures/ master pieces out of recyclable materials, made wonderful arts of crafts and created a Farm House in Aistear.

Maths fun. Before the Easter Holidays, Senior Infants were asked to help another teacher decide which character puppet to buy from the book “The Green Monster”. The collected data by tallying how many times each character came up and then made posters to represent the data and report back the results. Look at the fantastic graphs they made.

This month (April), out theme is Food. In Science we learned about how heat changes certain foods. We experimented with chocolate buttons and bread and added heat. We discovered that chocolate melts and bread turns into toast. Also, we went on an April walkabout in the school to see what changes have happened now that we are in the season of Spring. Who knew learning could be so much fun?!

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