A Superb Performance!

Bows, wands, ribbons, hairbands, skirts, dresses and shawls… were all to be seen today as the boys in 4th class got into character for their production of ‘Alas in Blunderland’.  This is a play, which was written by Peter Gunning, when he was a teacher in St. Joseph’s NS in the 1980s.  He has since written other plays and novels, which are studied in schools.

The play was entertaining, witty and thoroughly enjoyable.  Mrs. O’Mahony and their class teacher Ms. Thompson must be commended for directing such a wonderful performance.  The boys got into character and enjoyed every minute of it.

It was made all the more special by the guest appearance of Peter Gunning who spoke to the boys and audience at the end of the play.  He has promised to return to the school for another visit in the coming weeks.

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