Senior Infants solve the mystery of the Gingerbread Man Thief!

The past few weeks have been crazy busy in Senior Infants. All the boys have been participating in Aistear activities, active maths games, computers, outdoor games and let’s not forget our amazing school tour in the Mardyke Arena UCC.

In April, Senior Infants learned all about the Food. In Science we learned about fruits and vegetables, how apples grow, read Handa’s surprise, what animals eat for dinner and of course we investigated how to stop apples from turning brown. On the other hand, we also learned a lot about food in English. We wrote shopping lists and our experience in a restaurant. We cannot forget our favourite thing – Aistear. In Aistear we acted out the restaurant, drew our favourite foods, created delicious food with play dough and even built a restaurant using building blocks. However, our favourite experience was making Gingerbread Men as Gaeilge. We learned the ingredients names as Gaeilge and created delicious Gingerbread Men. To our horror, we discovered one went missing and went on a mission to discover who eat our gingerbread man. Senior Infants do make great detectives as well as chefs.

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