Bodhrán Bookills Were Invited to the City Hall!

IMG_9015.JPGFollowing his visit to the school on the 7th of September, Lord Mayor Mick Finn invited the Bodhrán Bookills to play at the Annual Coffee Morning for Marymount in the City Hall.  Ms. Sheehan has been practicing with the boys and ensured that every boy could play the Bodhrán with confidence and pride.

The day outside was miserable but it did not negatively impact the 6th class boys.  They were positioned in the upper wing that looked down in to the Lord Mayors chambers and it was from there that they played.

Their performance was outstanding.  They played with enthusiasm and energy.  It was evident that they enjoyed the experience and it seemed to lift the spirits of the listeners.  Another Presentation school, Greenmount was also represented by the school choir.   It was a very enjoyable experience and we hope to hold our own fundraiser for Marymount in the coming months.  Maith sibh Ms. Sheehan agus buachaillí.

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