4th Class learning about circuits at Lifetime Labs

Fourth Class had a wonderful day learning about circuits and batteries in Lifetime Labs.  They built test circuits for conductors and insulators of electricity. They even engineered floor sweeping robots (Scuabaí) and buzz games. One boy even tested whether a person will conduct electricity! (They will with a voltage of 6v).


Bhí lá iontach ag Rang a Ceathar ag foghlaim for ciorcaid agus battaire i Lifetime Labs. Thógadar ciorcaid trial d’insliúthóirí agus improiri leictreachas. Rinneadar innealltóireacht ar róbot scuaba (Scuabaí) agus cluichí buzz. Rinne buachaill amháin trial ar an gceist, an iompraíonn páiste leactreachas fiú! (Déanann, le voltas 6v)

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