Senior Infant Art Challenge πŸ€©

Not only are the boys in Senior Infants doing an amazing job of staying on top of their school work at home,Β  they are also busy designing,Β  creating,Β  recreating and using their imaginations for our Friday Challenges!πŸ€—

Last week’s Friday Challenge was to recreate a famous painting or picture that they liked (idea stolen from another great Cork school….as seen on the news! πŸ˜‰).

I think you’ll agree that the boys and their parents (and sisters and dogs), did a fantastic job!! πŸ‘


Collage 2020-05-29 08_41_18Seesaw_28-05-2020 10:34:23Seesaw_25-05-2020 08:58:30Seesaw_28-05-2020 08:29:02Collage 2020-05-24 19_04_01Seesaw_28-05-2020 08:54:37Seesaw_26-05-2020 09:44:41Seesaw_25-05-2020 09:42:30Collage 2020-05-29 13_13_37Seesaw_26-05-2020 11:30:53Seesaw_24-05-2020 07:05:2520200529_113145Seesaw_26-05-2020 11:31:21Seesaw_29-05-2020 09:10:44Seesaw_24-05-2020 11:12:2020200525_085526

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