First Lockdown Challenge: Make a Lego Pyramid

Boys, you all did an amazing job. Do a quick look for your own pyramid and then please take your time looking at all the other pyramids that the other boys have created. They are all so different and unique. Maith sibh!

Junior Infants Lego Pyramids

Mason’s Pyramid
Milo’s Creation
Adam’s Creation
Ollie’s Creation
Nicholas Ahern’s Creation
Charlie’s Creation
Luca’s Creation
Eoin’s Creation

Senior Infants Lego Pyramids

Liam’s Creation
Jack’s Pyramid
Jayden’s Creation
Ignacy’s Creation
Thomas’ Creation
Ethan’s Egyptian Pyramid
Cillian’s Creation
Ciaran’s Creation
James’ Creation
Oisín’s Creaton
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image0-7.jpeg
Qijia’s Creation
Jasper’s Creation

1st Class Creations

Connor’s Creation
Andrew’s Creation
Xander’s Creation
Jude’s Creation
Faiz’s Creation
Luke’s Creation
Darragh’s Creation
Adam’s Creation

2nd Class Lego Pyramids

Max’s Creation
Patrick O’Herlihy’s Creation
Henry’s Creation
Jamie’s Creation
Patrick’s Creation
Sam’s Creation
Charlie’s Creation

3rd Class Pyramids

In the absence of Lego, Patrick created a pyramid out of metal magnets.
Seán’s Creation
Micheál’s Creation

4th Class Pyramids

Andrew’s Creation in Daylight and Using Artificial Light
Rhys’ Pyramid in Vegas!
James’ Pyramid
Daniel’s Creation
Matthew’s Creation
Oisín’s Creation
Haroldas’ Creation
Patrick’s Creation

5th Class Pyramids

Billy’s Creation
Ronán’s Creation
Lochlan’s Creation
Edmund’s Creation

6th Class Pyramid Creations

Jack’s Pyramid
Usman’s Pyramid
Iarlaith’s Creation
Adam’s Creation

Brothers Working Together from Different Classes

Cillian and Mark’s Creation
Liam and Aidan’s Cretion
Matthew and Max’s Creation
Finn and Liam’s Creation
Calumn and JP’s Creation
Daniel and Jacob
Will and Ewan
James and David O’Regan (Dumbledore in Isolation)
Harry and Alex’s Creation
Conor and Fionn Walsh O’Hara
Rua and Kerry’s Creation
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