Challenge No. 2: Giving our toys the lives they deserve!

Challenge no. 2:

Pick a toy and give it the life it deserves by setting up the scene it was meant to be in. We all know that superheroes do not belong on the shelf. Take a photo of your new toys in their new fancy life.

Junior Infants

Eoin Mulcahy’s farm machinery is making hay while the sun shines!
Maksym’s Toys hit the slopes!
Eoin O’Conaill’s Dinosaurs Come to Life
Luca’s city is a busy place.
Jack Wiley sent Buzz Light Year into Space
Fionn: The Undertaker wins this round.
Adam’s Jungle Animals Found a Good Home!
Milo sets the scene for the Mouse who met the Gruffalo
Qijia takes the car for a drive
Nicholas Ahern’s Superheroes Assemble
James O’Connell’s Bin Truck was Put to Good Use!
Charlie’s Fabulous Forky finds it’s Place on the Kitchen Table

Senior Infants

Liam’s bunny and lifetime friend loves his new life
James’ Monkey has finally mastered the monkey bars
Thomas’ Nemo is at home under water
Rishon’s Penguin is having fun in the snow.
JJ is holding a WWE wrestling match at his house!!
Ignacy’s Frog Hangs from a Height
Jack Coughlan’s Superheroes have taken over the kitchen

1st Class

Ewan is Ironman!
Daragh’s Huskies prowling the frozen grass!
It is WWE at Conor’s House.
David’s Bunny has never been happier
James is on bike duty with the local Guards
Connor’s Superheroes were wrecked and needed a break.
J.P’s Dinosaurs’ New Home
Faiz’s fire engines are put to work at Cork City Fire Station

2nd Class

Muhammed’s Iron Man hangs out with his friends.
Jack’s Monster Shark Truck
Matthew’s farmers are bringing their sheep to the treehouse
Building Site Ahead!
Matthew will be finished in no time with all the help
Sam O’Connell’s Train is at Kent Station

3rd Class

Matthew’s Chameleon loves hanging out
Jeremy took Bart to the Skater Park
Abdullah’s Dinosaurs chilling in their new home
Abdullah’s Tiger is hanging out

4th Class

Daniel Buckley’s giant gorilla decided to work from home! He had his two screens, headphones and cup of tea!
Max’s VW campervan is back on the road again.!!
Andrew’s parrot is at home.

5th Class

Barry moved The Bishop
Lochlan’s Train is off to Munich
Bear Stole Ed’s Honey and Climbed a Tree.
Rua’s model of St. Anne’s Church Steeple

6th Class

Sakari’s Owl Hides from the Hens
Sakari’s Banana finally found its place in the fruit bowl

Great Teamwork Amongst Brothers

Killian and Mark are ready to play!
Jack and Tim’s men are ready for battle!
Liam and Finn’s Fireman found his place at Cork City Fire Station
Liam and Finn’s Monkey Taking a Break!
Ben and Jack take their car for a spin
Patrick, Luke, Darragh and Killian brought a Spinosaurus , a Carnotaurus and a Mosasaurus to the woods
Spiderman and Batman are Found in Cork! (Sean and Tom)
Harry and Alex’s Superheroes are on the move

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