Challenge # 3 Taking a Spring Photo

Junior Infants

Eoin spotted a bud about to flower in his garden.
Charlie sees the first sign of Spring
James spots daffodils on the grounds of UCC
Nicholas Ahern’s Spring Snowdrops
Fionn spots new growth in his garden.
This is Harrison’s reminder of Spring…let the Easter Bunny be generous this year!
Milo presents us with a collage of beautiful flowers.
Eoin has spotted little bursts of colour in his garden
Adam’s tulips are in full bloom
Hugo notice the first snowdrops in Blarney Castle
Ben is very proud of his daffodil

Senior Infants

Liam is loving watching all of the buds sprouting up in the borders of his garden.  His favourites are these little Snowdrops, all surrounded by Daffodil sprouts
Rishon’s garden is looking lush
Ethan notices Spring flowers in Fitzgerald Park
These nests remind James Farrell of Spring
Ciarán spots a snowdrop with his twin siblings
Qijia notices daffodils about to flower on his walk
Thomas could not miss these beautiful daffodils

1st Class

Tom spotted frog spawn on his walk this week!!
Conor’s daffodils look perfect with the hyacinth!
JP has captured a field of daffodils.
Conor finds a primrose in his garden
Mark sees buds on the tree
David’s daffodils are stunning
Daragh spotted these on his walk
Jack’s daffodils are in full flower
Daniel noticed daffodils about to flower
Liam is still looking for the gold at the end of the rainbow!

2nd Class

Ben’s daffodils will flower any day now
Jack captured a rainbow in the Spring sky
Matthew captured a robin perching on his bike
Robert is enjoying the evening Spring stretch!
Finn found a pot of daffodils!!
Daniel noticed the blue skies of Spring!

3rd Class

Kerry: Spring is all about daffodils
Steve has captured the River Lee in Spring
Patrick captured flowers that are about to flower!
Ahmar has beautiful snowdrops!
Jeremy is busy Spring planting

4th Class

Oisín has observed buds on the magnolia tree.
Max caught a squirrel springing from branch to branch!

5th class

Billy has amazing snowdrops in his garden
Oisín has completed the first step in the process of growing potatoes called chit the potatoes. He chits the seed potatoes by laying them out in egg cartons in a cool place. He will plant them later in February/start of March.
Barry has captured new buds
Ed is waiting patiently for these daffodils to flower!
This is what Spring is for Rua!
Brightly coloured flowers remind Seán of Spring
Lochlan’s burst of colour!

6th Class

Olan visited new calves
James captured snowdrops in full bloom
Iarlaith spots daffodils that are not yet flowering
Iarlaith is clearing the dead leaves to make room for the new buds.

Boys accept the challenge together

Tim and Jack spot flowering daffodils on the grounds of UCC
Will and Ewan welcomed new calves into the world.
Ignacy and Adam spot primroses in the garden
Spring is certainly in the air for Mark and Cillian
Alex and Harry captured frog spawn!
Spring is in the air in Sam’s and James’ Garden
James and Sam spot hyacinths at he English Market
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