Challenge # 4: Make a Tinfoil Boat that can hold peas and float on water

Junior Infants

Charlie’s boat stayed afloat with 100 peas
Luca’s boat had 92 peas before it started to sink!
Milo’s boat carried 250g bag of chick peas
Nicholas Ahern’s pirate boat has 6161 peas on board!
Adam’s boat holds 464 peas
Eoin’s boat is staying a float!

Senior Infants

Jasper’s boat holds 147 peas
Rishon’s boat creation
Thomas’ boat held 674 peas before it started to sink
J.J’s boat

1st Class

James’ boat is like a tank ship and it held almost a bag of peas!
Jude’s boat carries 430 peas
Adam’s boat
Conor got 307 peas.

2nd Class

Jack’s boat held 840 peas!

3rd Class

Jeremy’s boat holds 170 peas!
Ahmar’s boat stayed afloat with 112 peas.
Dan’s boat held a couple of hundred peas!
Kerry’s boat held 716 peas

4th Class

Daniel Buckley built a Currach
Daniel’s currach held 558 peas!
Matthew’s boat

5th Class

Rua’s boat was built to carry 532 peas
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_0296.jpg
Barry made a small boat but a very strong boat as the tinfoil was folded a number of times – 42 peas!
Ed’s boat managed to carry 1136 peas before the boat felt the pressure!
Lochlan estimates that there are 2180 on board his boat.

Brothers Working Together

Mark and Cillian’s Boat held 145 peas
Conor and Fionn’s boat held 200 peas and went sailing in the sea.
Will and Ewan’s boat held 340 peas!
Finn and Liam tested their boat out at the Shakey Bridge. It holds 850 peas!
Harry and Alex counted 459 peas in their boat but they also managed to get the Lego Friends gang from Central Park onboard too
Sam and James’s boat carried 480 peas!
Well done James and David on their boat.

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