Film Premiere in The Gate Cinema

Last year some pupils from the current sixth class and second class worked on a project called ‘Freedom of the City’. The project which was funded and developed by Cork City Council, the Glucksman Art Gallery and UCC was an initiative in which to gather ideas and opinions from children about what they would like Cork City to be in the future. It was largely a visual arts project in which the children expressed their wish list for the future in Cork City. The boys had some really interesting and impressive ideas through which to improve life for Cork’s future generations. They expressed the need for a more sustainable future for the city, with better public transport systems, less cars, more incentives for electric vehicles and a need for more green areas as well as a four day working week! The boys’ suggestions, along with those of children all over the city, are now with researchers in UCC which will ultimately impact the future development plan for Cork City.

A film of the work completed on this project was premiered in The Gate Cinema today. The school was given seven tickets and I accompanied six gentlemen from sixth class to watch the short film. It was a lovely experience and many of the boys’ ideas for a better future for Cork city were mentioned.

The Art work created by all project participants will be displayed in both The Glucksman Art Gallery and The Atrium in The City Hall tonight as part of Culture Night!

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