World Book Day 📚

Yesterday was World Book Day and what a day it was! The boys enjoyed the thrill of being with other classes again and it was a new experience for the younger boys. The older boys spent time reading with the Junior Infants, Senior Infants, First and Second Class. The class teachers planned the day to reflect our love of reading and activities included designing book covers, zoom meetings with authors, silent reading time and favourite author presentations.

It was a busy fun-filled day full of noise, laughter and most of all chat. It was wonderful to hear the personalities of all the boys shine through and watch the connections that were made with the older boys.

The highlight of the day was THE BOOKY QUIZ, which was challenging but every boy was able to contribute especially in the picture round. I would like to sincerely thank all the parents who sent pictures of their boys “squeezing in a reading”, which will be displayed in the hall.

In St. Joseph’s, we have always put huge importance on mentoring and reading buddies. It was so refreshing to see the boys so animated and excited about World Book Day.

Ms. Kirwan

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