Féile na Toirbhirte

Our school trustees (Presentation Brothers Schools Trust) would like to invite all parents to the PBST Arts Festival – Féile na Toirbhirte – which is taking place in the theatre at Presentation Brothers College (‘Pres’) on Mardyke Walk next Sunday afternoon (12th of March) from 3.00pm until 5.00pm.

Over the last two weeks, pupils and students in the eight schools under the trusteeship of PBST have
participated in a range of activities encompassing music, painting, sculpture, story-telling and creative writing. The theme of this years Féile is ‘helping others’.

Ms. Kirwan has been working with a group of children from St. Joseph’s who have based their art, creative writing, drama and music on the Happy Prince story. They will be performing a drama that was written by the students to a piece of music composed by one of our parents, Dan Corbett. Our students’ art work and written pieces will also be on display. The Bodhrán Bookills under the direction of Ms. Sheehan will do a live performance.

PBST invites all members of our school community to attend what will be an informal and enjoyable afternoon featuring a selection of the activities that have taken place during the festival. Some schools will present videos highlighting their involvement in the Féile while others will feature live performances by groups of pupils/students.

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