Fashion show (Creative Schools Week)

The creative schools initiative is all about putting creative at the heart of the school. We have been doing just that since September. So far this year the boys have had several creative school workshops including rap and song writing, dance, baking, , print, LEGO, along with our weekly Art, Music and Drama lessons. With their drama teacher tower to put on the amazing performance at Christmas.

We celebrated creative skills week on May 8 to 12 it was a celebration of creativity and an opportunity to share, showcase and connect all the exciting creative work that is being undertaken on a daily basis in our school. Four creative schools week, St Joe’s held their very first fashion show and talent show both events were huge success, and really showcased the amount of Talent and creativity we have in our school!

We have lots of plans for the remainder of the year, and for next year, to explore creativity some more, and provide the boys with new, exciting and interesting ways of being creative. We look forward to seeing where our Creative Schools journey takes us!

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