Féile na Toirbhirte

Our school trustees (Presentation Brothers Schools Trust) would like to invite all parents to the PBST Arts Festival – Féile na Toirbhirte – which is taking place in the theatre at Presentation Brothers College (‘Pres’) on Mardyke Walk next Sunday afternoon (12th of March) from 3.00pm until 5.00pm.

Over the last two weeks, pupils and students in the eight schools under the trusteeship of PBST have
participated in a range of activities encompassing music, painting, sculpture, story-telling and creative writing. The theme of this years Féile is ‘helping others’.

Ms. Kirwan has been working with a group of children from St. Joseph’s who have based their art, creative writing, drama and music on the Happy Prince story. They will be performing a drama that was written by the students to a piece of music composed by one of our parents, Dan Corbett. Our students’ art work and written pieces will also be on display. The Bodhrán Bookills under the direction of Ms. Sheehan will do a live performance.

PBST invites all members of our school community to attend what will be an informal and enjoyable afternoon featuring a selection of the activities that have taken place during the festival. Some schools will present videos highlighting their involvement in the Féile while others will feature live performances by groups of pupils/students.

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Pre Competition Climbing Practice

24 boys from 2nd class and 4th class will represent St. Joseph’s NS at the Irish Schools Climbing Competition on Wednesday the 15th of March. The boys prepared for the competition this week by practising their climbing skills on the climbing walls in the Mardyke Arena. This activity is great for the development of balance, core strength, upper arm and leg strength but also problem solving skills. The boys had great fun trying to get to the top!

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February Principal Awards

Well done to all the boys who received the Principal’s Awards during the month of February! These boys have been working hard in school. They enjoyed hot chocolate with Ms Neville in the staffroom.

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World Book Day 2023 📚

Thursday was World Book Day and what a day it was! The boys enjoyed the thrill of being with other classes and it was a great experience for all. The older boys spent time reading with the Junior Infants, Senior Infants, First and Second Class. In St. Joseph’s, we have always put huge importance on mentoring the younger boys so it was so refreshing to see the boys so animated and excited about World Book Day. The class teachers planned the day to reflect our love of reading and activities included designing book covers, zoom meetings with authors and favourite author presentations. The Book Swap sale was a first and the quality variation and condition of books available was excellent. Obviously, there was the usual complaint of not enough soccer books! It was a busy fun-filled day full of noise, laughter and most of all chat. It was wonderful to hear the personalities of all the boys shine through and watch the connections that were made with the older boys. I would like to sincerely thank all the parents who sent pictures of their boys reading their favourite book .The pictures are displayed in the hall. Here are some photos from our day. Kind Regards, Maria Kirwan

Mary P did an outstanding job on our World Book Day display and the student council organised the book swap 📖

Reading buddies was a highlight for many✨

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Photography workshop🙂😀😀📷📸🎥

We did a photography workshop in school. We learned framing, editing, how to use perspective and worm view. We applied filters. We learned how to layer photos over each other. We used the iPads for the camera and editing work


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Gaeilge concert with 1st Class

1st Class performed Na Trí Muc (the Three little pigs) They were amazing at the three little pigs they work really hard on it it was spectacular.

Maith sibh a pháistí!

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Taispeantais Gaeilge le R2 and Naonáin Mhóra (Irish performance with 2nd Class and Senior Infants)

Maith sibh a pháistí

Senior Infants performed Tá Téidí ag Rith and Cúigear Fear ag Tógáil Tí

2nd Class performed An Haka Gaelach and _____

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Junior Infants January Update ❄️

We’ve had lots of fun this month ☺️

We loved celebrating the Chinese New Year 🎉

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Grandparents Day ❤️

The Junior Infant class celebrated Grandparents day this week as part of Catholic Schools Week.

We baked some scones for our grandparents to thank them for everything they do for us 💕

Taste test approved 👍🏻

We then welcomed in some of our amazing Grandparents to spend some time with them in class! We said some poems, sang for them and heard what school was like for them 💕

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Principal’s Awards

Well done to all the boys who received the Principal Awards in the last few weeks. We enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate this morning and discussed whether or not homework is important.

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