The Board of Management [B.O.M.] appreciates the ongoing involvement and support of parents in school life. The parents association [P.A.] in St. Joseph’s organises a number of fund raising events through out the school year. In order to ensure the Board’s compliance with its obligations under Article 19(e)(vii) of the Rules and Procedures for Primary Schools, the following fundraising procedures have been agreed between the B.O.M. and the P.A.:

  • The PA will consult with the Principal regarding the needs of the school.
  • The purpose/subject of the funds to be raised will be agreed. (The Principal will do this on behalf of the Board and report back to the Board at its next meeting.)
  • The PA will organise the fundraising event(s).
  • The Principal will undertake the normal procurement process for the purchase of the item(s) agreed.
  • The PA will transfer the funds required to cover the cost of the item(s) to the School BOM account.
  • The Principal will purchase the item(s) and pay the invoice from the BOM account.
  • The funds raised and lodged to the School BOM account will be accounted for in the School’s Annual Accounts.