Board of Management

On the 1st of December 2015 a new four year term began for the Board of Management of every primary school in Ireland. The nominees on the Board of Management[B.O.M.] in St. Joseph’s are:

Seán O’ Caoimh Chairperson Orla Dorris Teacher Nominee
Roseanne Neville Secretary Catherine O’Herlihy Female Parent Nominee
Tom Collins Treasurer Jonathan O’Brien Male Parent Nominee
Ita Ní Gruairc Diocesan Nominee Camilla Bolotta Community Nominee

The role of the B.O.M. is to ensure that every pupil in St. Joseph’s receives an appropriate education for the 21st century child. As a Presentation Brothers School the pupils’ well-being and education is at the heart of every decision that the B.O.M takes.

Here are the agreed reports from the B.O.M. meetings to date.

BOM Agreed Report 140116

BOM Agreed Report 040216

BOM Agreed Report 030316

BOM Agreed Report 140416

Agreed Report Jan 17

Agreed Statement March

agreed statement May 2017

agreed statement Sept 2017

agreed statement Nov2017

Agreed Statement Jan 2018

Agreed Statement 15th March 2018

Agreed Statement April 26th 2018

Agreed Statement May 24th 2018

Agreed Statement Sept 2018

Agreed Statement Nov 2018

Agreed Statement Dec 2018

Agreed Statement Feb

Agreed Statement March 2019

Agreed Statement May 2019

Agreed Statement June

Agreed Statement Sept 2019

Agreed Statement Oct 2019