Upcoming Events



21/11 Presentation Day: 3rd to 6th will go to 10am Mass

22/11 6th class will attend a Pres quiz in Bunscoil Chríost Rí

26/11 Junior and Senior Infants Hearing and Vision Check

7pm: 6th Class Ceremony of Light

27/11 Junior and Senior Infants Hearing and Vision Check

28/11 6th class take part in a rowing blitz

29/11 School Closure due to school being used as a Polling Station


4/12 Penny Dinner Shoe Collection Drop-Off

5/12 Penny Dinner Shoe Collection Drop-Off

13/12 Christmas Infant Plays

16/12 Santa Visit

19/12 Christmas Carol Service (11.30am)

20/12 School will finish at 11.40am for the Christmas Holidays




18/03 Public Holiday

21/03 Sciath na Scol Match vs Rochestown (Home)

22/03 6th Class rowing on water

25/03 Zumba for Senior Infants and 5th class

26/03 Board of Management Meeting

27/03 John Spillane will perform for the school

28/03 Sciath na Scol Match Vs Bishopstown BNS

29/03 6th class Retreat


05/04 Sciath na Scol Match vs Gael Soil Uí Riada

9/04 Confirmation at 10.30am

11/04 Sciath na Scol vs Douglas

12/04 1/2 day for all children

15/04 – 26/04 Easter Holidays

29/04 Summer Uniform

29/04 Zumba for 3rd and 4th class


6/05 Public Holiday

7/05 School Closure due to Primary Language Curriculum Day Training for Staff

11/05 Communion

13/05 Zumba for 3rd & 4th class


3/06 Bank Holiday

4/06 & 5/06 No school

28/06 School Holidays

September 2018

7/09 Lord Mayor’s Visit

12/09 Senior Infant Parent meeting

Sciath na Scol Home Game

13/09 Junior Infant Parent Meeting

PA AGM @ 8pm

18/09 5th class will go orienteering

20/09 Bodhrán Bookills will perform at Marymount Coffee Morning

27/09 BOM meeting

28/09 Welcome Back School Mass in the Sacred Heart Church


1/10 Back in grey school uniforms.  Photos will be taken by Quaids for school calendar

16/10 Internet Safety Talk for Parents at 7.30 pm.

18/10 Open Evening for Parents of Incoming Junior Infants (6.30 – 8pm)

25/10 Rainbow Day

26/10 Presidential Election – School Closure

29/10 Midterm Break

November 2018

5/11 School will reopen

21/11 Presentation Day

23/11 Celebration of Presentation Day, School will close at 11.40 am

28/11 Parent Teacher Meetings

29/11 Continued Parent Teacher Meetings

December 2018

12/12 School Trip to the Cinema

13/12 Infant Christmas Concert/Play

18/12 Santa will visit St. Joseph’s NS

20/12 Christmas Coffee Morning for St. Joseph’s Families at 10.15 in the Sacred Parish Hall

Christmas Carol Service in the Sacred Heart Church at 11.30am

21/12 Christmas Holidays (Half Day).  School will finish at 11.40am.

January 2019

7/01 School Reopens after the Christmas Holidays

17/01 Basketball starts for Senior Infants

28/01 Catholic Schools Week


07/02 BOM Meeting

13/02 Talk for Parents on Relationships and Sexuality.  Having the conversations with your children.

14/02 School Cake Sale

18/02 – 22/02 Midterm Holidays (week off)